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Our 2022 Donors


Catherine Stroup

Donald and Mary Kirk

Carol Boehly

Ed and Jan MacEwen

The Wulffleff

The Valentines

Victoria and Mark Oliva


Claudia Caryevschi

B. and A. MacDonald

Andrea Bates

Sharon Thawley

Charlie and Pam Veley

Kit and Nancy Smith

Andre Dore


Shiue Family

Anne Coffman

Lisa Bettke

Alison Conroy

Kevin Cotellese

Murray Family

Rodney Runestad

Carol Russell

Susan Schaefer

Pat and Alan Gould

Kenneth Fadner


DeGaspari Family

James Burch

Jean Caffrey

Courtney Cronin

Ann Flanagan

Mary Hoermann

Clinton Clifford

Sandy Muschler

Anne Hamar

Peter Ruthenberg

Marcia Lorentzen

Christian Iannucci

Lila K. Griswold

John Wilson

Mary-Ellen Barlow-Hansen

Susan Kelly

Janet Lawless

Bruce and Marcia Lorentzen

Laura Violone

Our Advertisers

Fairfield County Bank
A World of Food Catering
Able Construction
Wilton Pizza & Pasta
Village Market
8- Wilton Hardware
Dr. James Aris - Dentist
Prosperous Printing
New Canaan Foreign Car Service
Wilton Library
Dr. Stebbins - Dentist
Dilly Duck Shop
Arena Hairstyling
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