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Concert Attire

Concert Attire

Since audience members see us first, our concert attire sets an impression of us prior to the very first note. That impression should be of a polished and uniform group, ready to provide an evening of superb music. What we wear should visually frame our achievements as a choral ensemble rather than as individuals, so we’ve established clothing guidelines for creating that frame.

MEN‘S Concert Dress Guidelines


Spread collar shirt (not an oxford or traditional tux shirt)

Straight black tie

NO cummerbund

Dress shoes

WOMEN'S Concert Dress Guidelines

  • Formal, solid colored black dress, skirt and top, or dress pants and top

    1. Dresses or skirts are tea or floor-length. A short slit (<6”) is acceptable.

    2. Tops have elbow-length or longer sleeves and should have concert-appropriate necklines. No cropped tops.

    3. Pants are full-length dress pants. No cropped pants, black jeans or leggings.

  • Black hosiery

  • Black dress shoes

  • Jewelry is optional but encouraged.

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